Ray G finally breaks the Western UG music industry virginity

The belief that “No Western UG artist can hold a succesful concert at Agip” motel is now no More. That ain’t the biggest thing though. The huge story is that Ray Gs concert was more than just succesful from the organisation, stage, lighting, sound system, promotion, perfomances among others.

Ray G announced his “Ray G live in Concert” date in May, gave enough time to marketing it, engaged DJs bloggers and media houses, looked for sponsors and in return we can see the harvest. Thumbs up to the performers that graced the event including; Spice Dina, Levixone, Ykee benda, Shine Omukiga, Top Shutter, Truth 256, among others

The fact that the event was succesful is a door opener to most of the hardwoking artists in the region,No more fear to hold concerts and in big venues and More Sponsors are anticipated to come on board to support Music events in the near future.

“Kahangaare Ray G”

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