Had you met such a scary song title before?Blackboy has one.

Most artists normally underlook the strength of song titles yet it plays a bigger role in convincing music lovers to listen to certain songs.

Blackboy Jay K has always specialised in Dancehall/Rap , but this time around he chose to do a different genre (Zouk) and you know what? the song is dope, all the way from the song title, the sound, the guitar blend, the piano touches and lyrical flow.

All the above do clearly benchmark with the title.

Natoonya is derived from a Runyankole Phrase “Okutoonya” meaning “Melting or dropping”.And hey, every music lover in Western Uganda is greatly influenced by the title to have a listen.

It was produced by Deus/ Suretunes and its undoubtedly sweet.

Check it out now on all online stores oreebe

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