“Bobi Wine reasons like an adolescent” – Bebe Cool

Musicians Bebe Cool and Bobi Wine have been at loggerheads for a longer part of their careers.
The two musicians have over time been involved in lyrical, verbal and now political fights.
According to Bebe Cool, Bobi Wine is reasons like an adolescent. He throws tantrums all the time.
The “easy” singer highly doubts Bobi Wine’s intellectual capacity despite making big strides in the political arena.
“Bobi Wine behaves more like an adolescent and that is his problem. He cannot sit on the same table with men with this kind of behaviour,” Bebe Cool told our reporter.
Bebe Cool’s comments came shortly after Bobi Wine told the media that President Museveni will soon start walking like ‘rastas’ or even start taking ‘weed’ because he is trying to impress the ghetto people.

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