Schools will reopen in March for semi-candidate classes- Museveni

President Museveni has said schools will reopen for semi-candidate classes in March to add onto the bunch of candidate classes who are currently studying.


Since we opened for candidate classes it is now 3 months. Out of 1.3 million learners, only 257 have reported with COVID-19 and nobody has died. That was a success as a result of a calculated risk. Since this has worked, we have now decided to open for the semi candidate classes. Students in S.5, S.3, and P.6 are the next category because the other ones are going to finish,” Museveni said on Thursday evening while updating the country on the Coronavirus situation.

The President explained that the approach of closing schools in March last year said was harsh but was a wise decision that has greatly paid off since the number of students infected during that period is small.

“It was a wise decision and up to now I have not heard any of the 15 million learners has died. You can therefore see it was a good decision although some people were confusing us to play around with fire which we refused,” he said.

He said that it is now safe for semi-candidate classes to resume studies since by the time they begin school, students in candidate classes like P.7, S.4 and S.6 will be on their way out of school.

According to Museveni, after April, 6 when candidate class students have left school the Ministry of Health will work out a plan to see how other learners in P.1, P2, P3,P4, P5,S1, and S2 can resume studies but in a staggered manner.


The President noted universities will also reopen in March but noted this will also be done in a staggered manner.

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