Lutalo’s audio producer Yaled releases his own song

Producer Yaled as popularly known has just dropped his latest love ballad video dubbed Letter, that he says it is his third song along his singing ladder.

Born Yaled Kaluya and trading as producer Yaled of double kick studio, the several hits producer has revealed his music plans and targets for this year during an interview with our pals.

Now that he feels mature musically, coupled with the good and perfect vocals Yaled has no reason to give as to why he should not take on the stage and the singing career to the most desirable point.

He started out in the entertainment industry twelve years ago as a pianist in the UB5. The platform bred him fertile grounds to engage in production and thus following up the production avenues.

Yaled who has been in music production now for seven years has introduced many musicians to limelight, worked with many of them including DJ Michael, Fille, Master parrot, Dr Hilderman, Chosen Becky, among others and he is the brain in production behind David Lutalo’s music. 

The song letter is the third in his singing career, the first two being collaborations between Chris Evans titled future and another dubbed Nfunda n’omubi done with David Lutalo.

On why the songs with the gurus did not work optimally, Yaled said they were recorded while less focused on the singing career and now that he has a vision and mission, avoiding such a direction is inevitable there by winding up rallying music lovers to be by his side and make 2021 his year of testimony.

Watch the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AKiDkanoNok

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