Rema fans angry at reports Sheebah has taken her product ambassador job

According to reports that have extremely angered singer Rema’s fans on social media, she is set to surrender her role as the Jesa product ambassador to singer Sheebah Karungi. Rema who has been at it for years reportedly got issues with having the latest addition to her life, her husband Hamza Sebunya involved.

However, her fans being the type that worship her greeted the reports with lots of disapproval questioning Sheebah’s suitability for the role.

Some particularly argued that given Sheebah’s lifestyle and image she portrays online, she is suitable for things like hard drinks and other intoxicants.

Princess Jamilah: “Sheebah is good in advertising things like shiisha, cigarettes and those strong wines ….”

Halima Haly: “JESA balimba Rema is the best in advertising and she had done alot to their company now sheeba atalina mwana will she use puppies and kittens to advertise milk.”

Ibrah Ssembatya: “Bad business! Rema has that audience! Family that’s the key word and jesa biggest consumer but sheebah!mmmmmh anyway what do I know it’s none of my business!”

Also, some argued that Rema has totally been consumed by marriage and is nolonger deserving of such deals because her concentration is on Hamza.

Alma Blessing: “It’s true marriage has consumed Rema and no wonder she’s losing juicy contracts. Let me hope the so-called Dr. will not dump her soon cz I can see he’s showcasing cheap cakes. Our sweet talent is getting consumed.”

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