American Star “Jidenna” in Uganda

American Star “Jidenna” in Uganda

C.E.O ASFAs and American singer and fashion icon Jidenna

Nigerian rapper born and raised in American Jidenna is in Uganda and he will be performing at two events.  The singer who will perform at the Abryanz Style and Fashion Awards this Friday will also entertain Blankets and Wine lovers at Cricket Oval on Sunday the same week.

International stars who are meant to perform in Uganda are known for arriving a day before or on the actual day of the event and the recent case in point being Wizkid. Jiddena unlike others arrived in Uganda on Monday, four days before ASFAs and 6 days before Blankets and Wine. The singer who addressed a Press Conference at Serena Hotel Kigo explained his early arrival in Uganda and what Ugandans should expect at the shows that he is meant to headline.

Speaking before the Press, Jidenna said that Uganda is one of the Tourism Destinations that he has always wanted to visit and having been booked by Brian Ahumuza to perform in Uganda, he found a chance to tour some of the tourism sites in Uganda and it is the reason he came early. “I want to go for a tour around Uganda days before the shows so I can enjoy their green nature and have a look at their wild animals” Jidenna said.

Ahumuza who is the C.E.O of the ASFAs said that choosing Jidenna among other artistes to perform at the ASFAs is because the ASFAs are a Fashion Awards event and Jidenna is one of the most fashion forward artistes in the world.

Jidenna is known for songs like ‘Bambi’, ‘Classic man’, ‘Particular’, ‘Boomerang’, ‘Little Bit More’ and ‘Knickers’ among others.


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