BSU Students reject Vice Chancellor’s Sick Cow

BSU Students reject Vice Chancellor’s Sick Cow

The annually BSU WEEK which ended on 15th March 2020 with Inter-Departmental Football finals.. and winners rejected the award which was the Bull claiming that it wasn’t worth it and suffering from Corona Virus

These Competitions happen annually and are organized by the Vice Chancellor Prof Mauda Kamatenesi. But this year’s VC CUP was full of drama and chaos and it all started when Agriculture supporters refused the Penalty that was ruled against them and invaded the playground but later the Guild President HE: Denmark Adios had to calm students down and the match continued

The match ended in draw at 90minutes and went for penalty kicks where Agriculture department won Social work department with 5-4 goals.. but the overall winner was Social work because of their great performance in other Competitions including Athletics,

When we asked some of the Social work students why they refused the cow.. they told us that they’re tired of paying their sports fee every semester but nothing is done to improve the Sports in BSU and warned the Top administrators for using the sports money in their personal businesses..


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