Chameleon beats up producer at Diggy Baur’s studio.

Chameleon beats up producer at Diggy Baur’s studio.

In a video going viral on Facebook, Diggy Baur appears angry and furious over what Jose Chameleone keeps doing to the young producers at Sabula Records found in Luwafu.

Sound Cava ( Sabula) Records

According to the video, Jose Chameleone keeps coming at Diggy Baurs studio ( Sabula Records), enjoys freebies and subsidized projects but ends up beating up and injuring the young producers.

The injury obtained from Chameleone’s beating.

From the story, Diggy Baur goes on to tag Chameleone to be responsible for the decline of Legendary producer Murder Kayz who used to do for him a couple of hit songs way back.

It’s alleged that this time, Chameleone didn’t only attack the producer but destroyed Baur’s car as well. The latter has promised to take Chameleone Chameleons o Courts of law and that he must pay for the injuries sustained.

“Baur and Sabula records have as well launched a Mute Jose Chameleone Campaign”.

The artwork highlighting the Mute “Jose Chameleone” move.

Watch the Full video here: 👇
Angry Diggy Baur


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