Did you check out DJ Western’s 2019 Kitara Music Round Up? Here it is.

Did you check out DJ Western’s 2019 Kitara Music Round Up? Here it is.

DJ Western Montana a reknown Radio presenter and Investor from Western UG did set the Western UG music industry a blaze with his “2019 Kitara Music Round Up List”. Check out his rankings

*Artist of the year*
Emily Kikazi

*Male Artist*

*Female artist of the year*
Emily Kikazi

*Best DJ*
Dj sky

*Best Mc*
Mc kacheche

*Best Clubs pushing kitara music*
Desert lounge & ice lounge

*Best Song of the year*
mwana wangye -Emily kikazi

*Best producers*
Drizzy beats

*Best online promoter of the year*
Baigana Alpha & Reed bady

*Bloggers of the year*
Dely D3, Shakz.

*collaboration songs of the year*
Rukundo yaawe by Emily kikazi ft josey josey & karamaare by the pulse band.

*inspirational artists & songs*
Best Emily ~ embeera ye’nsi
Emily kikazi ~ mwana wangye

*Best gospel Artist*
Peterson & Lillian nabaasa

*Confused Artists*
-Queen marion
-shemy kats
-Van Allan

*Best comedian*

*Best celebrity Designer*
Shakz clothing

*Struggling artists*
Mat Henry
Penny patra
omega 256
Prince Exit
shine omukiiga

*Forgotten Artists*
Shanitah rose
Easy moo
Elvis and Shine

*Best break thru artists*
best Emily & Ado muzo

*couples of the year*
Ray g and Anabelle
megatone & immac stereo

*Artists who shouldn’t be in Industry/ wasting time*
Shemy kats
Gen Van Allan

*Best Music Label*
Super Rich Gang
Alpha music Ent

*Music label with out work & wasting artists talents*
more fire ent

*Poor & confused music labels*
-Passionate ent
-Queens music
-different music

*Band of the year*
The pulse

*New kid on the block*
top shutter

*Successful event of the year*
omutaka concert @lake view

*Legendary artists*
Rasta chaz
Sis charity
lady mariam tindex
Ogaba okuffu


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