Emily Kikazi drops a Reggae song titled “Ekirabo”

It’s now even easier to place it that Reggae Music is a true definition of “Real music” having listened to Ekirabo by Emily Kikazi.

It rotates about Love and feeling of belonging to some one, and honestly it unfolds a whole collection of of those romantic words that your lover must be interested in listening to.

The Characters in the video and the storyline are blending well with the story and vibe in the song making it more Sweet.

Its audio was Produced by Deus Producer of SureTunes records and Visuals by Titus of Volt Films..

Watch the Full video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BcUWms0a8hk

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  1. Blue Tygar ug says:

    One love: she will do it

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