Fact Zamani’s music banned from playing on 90.0 Peak FM Kabale.

Fact Zamani’s music banned from playing on 90.0 Peak FM Kabale.

The recent scuffle between Kigezi’s finest (Fact Zamani) and the incoming Kabale District Chairperson Mr. Denis Nzeirwe who doubles as the Director Peak FM is yielding nothing else but negativity.

This is the official statement from Peak Fm.

Thank you all.”Management has agreed that we mute Fact Zamani music and it should not play on Peak FM anymore. This is because of his direct attack on the Director Mr Denis Nzeirwe with an aim of character assassinating his reputation ahead of the elections. Fact Zamani also belittled Peak FM calling us “Ka Peak FM” and openly declares that he doesn’t lose anything if we delete his music or if we don’t play it. This is the same person who benefited from our station in terms of airplay of his music, premiering his songs here free of charge etc.Therefore, it has been agreed that none of the presenters or station employees should play his music on air or even mention his name.It has also been agreed that none of our station employees should respond to his allegations in any way whether on Facebook, on radio or on Whatsapp. If we don’t give his claims relevance by responding to them, they will not go viral and he will not get the attention that he is seeking. Let us all ignore any conversations on social media that involve him and his claims. This will fade.He intends to bring the Director down in this election and we should not give him attention. Let us all IGNORE him.

Thank you all.

Fact Zamani is currently looking forward to pushing his music on other Radio Stations putting aside Peak FM. This is not the first time a Ugandan artist is getting banned by a certain media house. Some of the artists that have been banned before include Gravity Omutujju, Radio and Weasel, Jose Chameleone.


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