Frank Gashumba gifts daughter Sheila Gashumba with a new Ride.

Frank Gashumba gifts daughter Sheila Gashumba with a new Ride.

Reknowned TV personality and fashionista Sheila Gashumba is on cloud nine after receiving a huge gift from her dad,Frank Gashumba.

The former ‘NTV the Beat’ presenter Friday 7, August,2020 walked home only to find a brand new white BMW car bought to her by her dad.

For sure, Sheila is one of the lucky few to receive such surprises especially during these hard times when Covid-19 virus continues to hit the world hard.

Honestly,we have seen many familes allover Uganda struggling to have a single meal as a result of the virus,but wait,we are talking about someone gifting his daughter with a luxurious BMW car, isn’t that the best thing ever to happen to Sheila?well,she must really be very lucky for such a gift in this trying moment.

Sheila Gashumba in her new ride

Just like any other person would do, Sheila did not hide her excitement and shared on her Facebook page, letting the whole world know that she is really greatfull for having such a nice, lovely and caring dad.

“While i had given spice diana a visit to sell to her my new luxury wig line and after selling the wigs to her, she actually wanted to drive me home but she had a live zoom interview so her manager Roger decided to drop me home as My dad kept insisting that i need to be home Asap as he has something important to tell me!!

I walked into the gate and found a monster white BMW and he my dad said to me, this is your car!!! Thank you dad.
She added,”I know it isnt my birthday and you still didnt find a reason to gift me!! Love you x you are the best.
Always and forever.”

Mbarara Express congratulates you Sheila Gashumba.


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