Gospel music is performing better than Secular in Western UG.

Gospel music is performing better than Secular in Western UG.

So you thought Secular music is performing better than gospel music in Western UG??

Not at all..

1. More and better Female artists are doing gospel music.

There has always been a debate why there are a few female music artists in Western UG. It’s a lame debate just bse the critics are looking at a single side of the music sphere.

Most Female artists in Western UG are doing gospel music. This is based on a couple of factors which range from mostly “Culture”.. I can give u an example of the fact like ” thinking that female artists are always spoilt” among most Tribes in Western UG.In this case, talented girls and Women tend to choose to do gospel music.

As of 2020, most people are unable to compile a list of 15 well known female Secular music artists in Western Uganda.

2. Concerts

Gospel artists in Western UG have staged more concerts than Secular artists in last One year. For example; The “Ekyihuro kya Bakandize” concert by Julius Muhoozi and Geofrey Beingana, The ” Sefuroza Aketoroora” Concert by July Omubiito, “Ari Naanye omu Webare Yesu” Concert by Lauben T, Mary Asiimwe live in concert, Nabaasa Lillian live in concert, “Turi nk’empungu” concert by Peace Kyamukongwire, Incoming Best Emily Live in Concert, Afande Johnson Live in concert, Peace Kyamukongwire live in Concert at Adit Mall. And for the Secular music side, we had only the “Ray G live in concert” that took place at Agip Motel Mbarara on 14th Sept and NickLee’s “Omutaka tumumanyire” concert that took place at Lake View Hotel Mbarara plus the Incoming the “Kingambire Concert” by Happi Freeman

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