I willl win with 90% – Bobi Wine

I willl win with 90% – Bobi Wine

People Power Movement leader Hon Robert Kyagulanyi is confident that despite all the malicious propaganda the regime has done on them, they have in various ways managed to reach out to the population and convinced them to support their cause.

According to Bobi Wine, as it stands now, the numbers they have gathered can easily see them win an election against incumbent President Yoweri Museveni.

“If we are to hold an election now, I can win with 80% of the vote,” said Bobi Wine

He however added that if at all the opposition comes together and front one candidate, it can be a landslide victory for as they can beat Musevevi by 90% votes.

“We are stronger together,” he said.

In relation to the coalition, Bobi Wine said he sees no hope of the forces of change coming together to challenge Museveni because a lot of them have concentrated on fighting individual battles with in their respective parties.

He revealed that as People Power, they can’t just seat back and wait for a coalition, they will instead go around the country mobilizing for support of their cause in the struggle.


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