“I’m Single and Searching” – T Paul 256 Opens Up

“I’m Single and Searching” – T Paul 256 Opens Up

T Paul 256 aka the Kakoba boy is a trending artist in Western Uganda to the fact that he has that sensational touch when it comes to singing Runyankore with trending songs like Bedroom ft Tanzania’s finest Harmonize, Sweet Sensation, Malaika and Ninkimanyisa among others.

Mbarara Express has conducted an exclusive interview with him and the conversation goes as follows;

Tpaul 256

Baines: What’s the real name of T-Paul 256

T- Paul: My real name is Taremwa Paul

Baines: How long have you been in the entertainment industry?

T-Paul: I have been in the entertainment industry for 3 years now

Baines: What first got you into music?

T-Paul: To sing because I just love to sing. Music makes me express myself fully. There’re some things I may not say physically but can speak out through music

Baines: Who inspired you to make music?

T-Paul: There’re are many people that inspired me to do music both locally and internationally. Plus the love I have for Music like I said but most especially if come back down to Uganda I love people that perform soul music mostly. There’s a guy called Steven Keys, Benjamin Kasule and plus other talented people that are not in the mainstream market but have beautiful production and music. So they inspire me to do good music and promote my culture as a Munyankole

Baines: How would you describe the music that you typically create?

T-Paul: The music I typically create is Soul Music. I think those who have seen me perform my music I always attach what i sing In my feelings.

Baines: How has COVID -19 affected you as an artist?

T-Paul: It has affected my recording time, it was easy when you would take a Boda or get a private car to studio. But do you know how walking on foot from Kakoba to town feels like??
More to that, people who work with us like vixens, producers, promoters, DJ’s are rare and unavailable plus the income generating activities like concerts were held to a standstill.

Baines: Is T-Paul single or taken?

T-Paul: uhhmm. Honestly, I’m single and when I get someone I promise you Mbarara Express will be the first to know about it.

Baines: What’s your own favorite song?

T-Paul: I love all my songs equally. Because by the time I walk into a studio and tell Bruno or Josh Kayz about my vibe, it means it’s okay and Happy with it and I’m very sure that my producer can’t let out a project that is shady. I love all my songs equally just that there are somedays I wake up in a mood of a certain song…

Baines: You recently had a successful Online Show?? Do you think Western Uganda now supports Artists unlike before??

T-Paul: Ohh yes! People are supportive, they’re getting on board unlike before.. I myself I am a victim, I used to believe the Runyankore wasn’t good. Yes! They used to write good music but in the other league. It’s recently that music has changed and full of real content and the gap is Abit filled.. Sound has also upgraded gradually and I appreciate the coordination among artists, song writers, producers and other stake holders. It has really changed much in the industry

Baines: Who would you most like to collaborate with?

T-Paul: Anyone talented, positive and would agree with Terms and conditions

Baines: There has been a comparison of you and Ray G.
Do you think you can beat him musically??

T-Paul: Ray G is a very talented guy and I respect him. I’m very sure that most of you agree with me. Uhhmm whether I beat him musically?? I really don’t know all I do is good music the rest is for the people to decide. Otherwise i congratulate him upon being engaged.

Baines: Your name has not appeared in scandals. How do you avoid that??

T-Paul: Well! Scandals are for everyone and I believe you have scandals too. I have them but it depends on how you handle some issues besides it’s God who intervenes while I try to be careful as I can because God only takes care of those who take care of themselves. The other thing is being humble and down to earth.

Baines: Do you sing in the shower? What songs?

T-Paul: I definitely do. Because I do my vocal training when I’m alone and have a peace of mind and me being alone in the shower tempts me to.. yes I do

Baines: What would you be doing right now, if it wasn’t for your music career?

T-Paul: I would be an Accountant if I wasn’t a musician.. I did a bachelor’s degree of Science in Accounting and finance at Mbarara University of Science and Technology (MUST)

Baines: Where have you performed? What are your favourite and least favourite venues? Do you have any upcoming shows?

T-Paul: I have performed all over Uganda except that I’ve not been out of Uganda yet but I’ll do soon because you never know what the future holds.
And the favorite venue is wherever there is nice sound and a crowd of people. It becomes my favorite

Baines: How do you feel the Internet has impacted the music business?

T-Paul: The internet is good and bad. Some have used it poorly and others have used to benefit themselves of which I belong in those. Though I try to be careful by using it positively.

Baines: Who’s your favorite female artist in Western Uganda?

T-Paul: Aahh!!! I don’t have a specific one but I believe in most of them and appreciate their work. If I may mention here I go. Shine Omukiga, Emily Kikazi, Penny Patra, Omega 256, Rachael T, Sister charity, Best Emily, Pulse girls (Cia Doreen & Dinitah) and many others

Baines: What is your favourite song to perform?

T-Paul: I like performing Tamu Tamu it’s a whole different vibe

Baines: Which famous musicians do you admire?

T-Paul: Admiring wouldn’t be the best word I would use but people Iike Bahati Lyrical, Mat Henry, Cj Champion, Fact Zamani, Amani Amaniger then nationally guys like Ykee Benda, A pass,Bebe cool, Pallaso
I admire everything nice

Baines: What is the best advice you’ve been given?

T-Paul: To never make a decision while you’re emotionally unstable, make decisions based on Facts.. and someone sometime back told to find myself and I didn’t know what he actually meant but with time I have grown to figure out it’s among the best advices I have ever been given.

Baines: If you could change anything about the industry, what would it be?

T-Paul: Finding a way how an artist could earn from his craft directly

Baines: where do you see T-paul in next few years ?

T-Paul: I see myself as an African Star. You Know they say that you should make goals that are smart, specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, I believe with all the support from you guys I’ll be an African star.

Baines: What is one message you would give to your fans.

T-Paul: yeah, to take care and stay safe. Give to needy people especially in this kind of period.. if you have something, share with others because you never know. life is about sharing, Caring and Supporting each other. By the way remember to follow all my socials @tpaul256 and always visit this website for reliable entertainment news, gossip and exclusive interviews.. I love you my fans

Baines: It was a honour to have you here thanks for your time..

T-PAUL: Yeah I’m humbled and personally I want to thank you for being a stepping stone here in Western Uganda. Keep that heart of togetherness


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