Over 400 people turn up for Baines Promoter’s birthday party.

As Baines promoter turned 22, he proved to every Tom,Dick and Harry that he has followers, fans,friends and family

Baines Promoter

His audience included Music Promoters from different parts of Uganda, DJs,MCs, politicians,his fans and followers,friends and family among others.

Part Of the audience

The part kicked of at around 07:30pm with entertainment,Nyama chroma and drinks till 01am , giving space to the transnight disco fans.

A couple of activities took place, and these included; Cake slicing and sharing, music artist perfomances, dance crew performances, The fun box, among others.

Mbararaexpress.com wishes Ahereza Baines the best along this 22nd year.

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2 Responses

  1. Joan says:

    So interesting , keep it up U- turn farhad , u have become a light to the western people in the music industry

  2. Ahereza Baines says:

    Thank you

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