Owner of the Goat that was knocked by President Museveni’s Convoy finally appears and Compesated.

The latest presidential national address on Covid19, saw the president lament on how the goat was almost causing him an accident in the areas of bweyogerere. This happened after the president was from Jinja to inspect on how far the engneers had coped up with the incidence of the floating island which had recently caused a load shed off.

Though over 15 people claimed to be the owners of this goat, Ssemwanga Rashid emerged as the true owner moments after. Though he first feared to appear in the cameras after the DISO arrived in Bweyogerere, he later bowed down when they explained on how the president was ready to compansate the dead goat which was eaten by the community members after being knocked.

Ssemwanga Rashid the goat Owner

President Museveni said that “its the goat which knocked his vehicle” but he vowed to pay back the owner of the goat for the loss, and ordered those concerned to look for the owner of the goat something that impressed the nation.

Ssemwanga Rashid was compesated with 800,000 Ugandan Shillings.

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