“The Pulse online experience” messed up. This is what happened.

“The Pulse online experience” messed up. This is what happened.

Fans of The Pulse Ug and Anne Kansiime around Western Uganda and the whole country got into a shock upon the reception of the notification that “the Pulse Online Experience” had been cancelled.

This Facebook live event was highlighting Anne Kansiime as a guest perfomer and was slated to happen on the evening of 09th August 2020 at 09PM. Everyone expected it to receive a huge turn up putting into consideration that the guest is a Global icon and had recently registered One million Youtube subscribers.

This is what happened:

While speaking to one of the Pulse UG members called Ru’ben Ru’ben, he gave us a story of how they hired one Videographer/Photographer called Patostar to cover the event. It was to done in such a way that it gets shot, edited, graded and then publishes as a live event that evening.

Patostar was given a period of 14 days to carryout the editing process and the pulse supposed to start marketing the event 7 days before. To the band’s suprise, they tried to link up with him to do a final preview of the video but his phones were off for a while. The only preview they did was the audio up to the final day of the event.

On the livestreaming day, Patostar’s phones kept off which triggered some of the band members to go on a hunt for him. Good enough they accessed him with the video but with lots of errors (missing the important parts of the project). This was at around 3pm of which it was hard for them to re-edit,grade,render and export this video of over 100 minutes runtime.

Its at this moment that they gave up and decided to inform the public on the fact that the show wasn’t going happen.

However, there are certain sources linking the matter to a series of issues including Payments and Threatening and Abuse. Our sources are trying hard to dig deep into the matte. We shall keep you posted.

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  1. A big blow for the music industry, such incidences have happened before concerning the different parties (videography and musicians) at this point of development of the industry, such issues shouldn’t come up really.

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