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Ssegirinya’s former Head Teacher at Pimbas SS confirms the MP-elect attended A-level at the institution but not sure whether he sat for UACE exams

Ssegirinya Muhammed

The drama surrounding Muhammed Ssegirinya’s academic documents is continuing to unfold as now the Headmaster of Pimbas Secondary School Mr. Wamala has confirmed that the MP-elect for Kawempe North studied his A level from the school in 2008.

Wamala says that he has dug into the archive records of the school and he established that Ssegirinya was once their student. He also adds that he has asked former teachers and students who also confirm he was once a student at Pimbas.

However, Wamala says he is not sure if the newly elected Kawempe North MP sat for his UNEB exams from Pimbas as from the list of names he has seen, Ssegirinya’s name is not among them.

Ssegirinya’s misery and risk to be pulled out of parliament come after a contestant in the Kawempe North MP race Suilaman Kidandala wrote to the Uganda National Examination Board (UNEB) asking them to review the academic documents that Ssegirinya submitted to Electoral Commission in the recently concluded elections.

UNEB reviewed the documents and confirmed that they were forged as they brought totally different names.

“We have checked our records and findings are as follows:  Candidate  U0053/054(2007) is  Nampiima Sarah who sat at Mengo  Secondary School, not Ssegirinya Richard sitting at Pimbas  Secondary School.

Candidate U0053/754 (2009) is Nabadda Maureen who sat at Mengo Secondary School, not Ssegirinya Richard sitting at Pimba Secondary School,” UNEB stated in a statement.

Nonetheless, Ssegirinya insists that his papers are authentic and the on-going witch hunt on him is mere propaganda.

Source: Matooke republic

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