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Ugandan Journalists team up to start record label.

Photo: Flona the new signing

Just like teachers, journalists can spend many years in the newsroom but with the new normal, it is only wise to have a side hustle. Journalists Jacob Omutuuze, Miles Rwamiti, Joseph Batte and Selector Williams, have decided to put their media experience to work.

The four have started a record label that they believe will help steer the Ugandan entertainment industry. CRK, situated in Makindye, is their new investment and they kicked this off with signing their first artiste known as Flona.

“Flona is a special talent. Her being spotted came under unusual circumstances,” said Selector Williams.

“One day I was singing Iryn Namubiru’s “Nkuweeki’”in the kitchen while preparing katogo, unaware that one of the directors of the company was standing right behind me listening. He was surprised and asked me to sing again. He then dragged me to audition with Blue Note Band, which is the company’s band,” Flona, real name Florence Nankyinga, said.

Among the things CRK will do is audio and video production, as well as artiste and promotion management.

Best wishes to this team

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