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Veteran Afrigo Band Guitarist Sammy Kasule dies at 69

Legendary bassist and vocalist Sammy Kasule is dead, sources close to the deceased have reported.

Kasule passed away Tuesday evening, an incident his fans have described as shocking.

His fans had been anticipating alot of new good music after the return of the singer from abroad.

Kasule has has for a long time now been living a quiet life in Stockholm, Sweden where he has been leading the Makonde band called alongside Swedish musicians and another Ugandan, Gerald Naddibanga.

Combining elements of African zouk and Afro-Cuban rhythms, the group had cut its niche in Stockholm for the slick, pop-oriented sound.

Towards the end of 2019, Kasule made a deep thought decision to return and settle back home after living in Sweden for about 30 years.

Kasule has in other words died a happy man achieving what he wanted in life, to shape the future for his two children: 33-year-old Sammy Kasule Jr who is now married with a seven-year-old child, and 23-year-old Mitchell Kasule.

“I have been fighting for their future and I thank God that they are ok. That is why I have decided to move back,” Kasule said previously.

The actual death of the singer is yet to be ascertained by we shall keep you posted.

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